When it comes to land surveys and plot plans, Hennings Land Surveying offers Northeast Pennsylvania an in-depth, thorough approach.

The process begins with research the Hennings team conducts to retrace the chain of title and locate recorded maps as well as any historical documents related to the subject parcel or parcels adjoining the subject parcel. Next, the team surveys and verifies the parcel boundaries and corner points, flags, and marks the land so that the property lines can be easily seen by the client. Hennings Survey can also locate any visible features—such as wells, buildings, septic beds—and mark their locations on the plot plan.

Hennings’ surveying and plot planning process follows a strict, formulated protocol to ensure your property’s lines are accurate and mapped accordingly. Additionally, if you are looking to build on your land, Hennings Survey can provide you with a plot plan showing the proposed location of the building and can even stake this area on the ground.

Hennings’ surveying services encompass:

  • Lots of Record
  • Boundary retracement surveys

Each survey job is unique and times will vary, contact J.M. Hennings Land Surveying for more details