Hennings Land Surveying offers top assistance and service for your subdivision needs across Northeast Pennsylvania.

At Hennings Land Surveying, we know that no two subdivision jobs are the same. Our experienced family team is by your side from the initial survey all the way to creating the new deed for your land.

When you hire Hennings Land Surveying for your subdivision needs, you receive quality, hands-on service.

Each job will meet the specifications and guidelines of the township, county, or city in which the project takes place. The Hennings team will conduct research at your local courthouse to retrace the chain of title, gather maps of record, and any other historical records that may be needed to start the retracement process. From there, Hennings Survey will create a CAD drawing based on these records to be used in conjunction with data gathered in the field. This allows us to locate property corners and lines and stake out new lots before submitting the new map for review.

At Hennings Land Surveying, the team offers their subdivision services to any clients who have:

  • Lot combinations (merging of two or more existing parcels or lots of land)
  • Land that needs to be divided for sales purposes
  • Lot line adjustments

Contact us for more information on subdivisions.