When it comes to Northeast Pennsylvania’s unpredictable climate and many rivers that run through Wayne, Pike, Monroe, and Lackawanna counties, it’s important to know if your home falls in the boundary of a flood bank.

J.M. Hennings Land Surveying offers FEMA evaluations to aid clients’ flood insurance needs.

As always, Hennings Land Surveying’s process is thorough to ensure our clients quality results. The team will perform an initial survey to establish and verify elevation of your home within FEMA guidelines. Next, we will locate your property on a FIRM map. Then, the computed elevation for your home or building can be compared with the base flood elevation in your area.

For each FEMA Evaluation, Hennings Surveying completes an elevation certificate we stamp for authentication. FEMA Elevation certificates and LOMA’s can be used for insurance purposes.*

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*Results vary and a client’s lenders bear the ultimate decision in requiring flood insurance.